Bill Gates a the Windows 95 launch event

25 years before today on August 24th, 1995 Microsoft had a highly anticipated launch of Windows 95 event hosted by Microsoft co-founder Bill gates with Jay Leno. And remember an hour-long video of Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry, hired by Microsoft, talking all features about Windows 95.

The Launch day was a huge day for Microsoft as its TV commercials blasted all over with “Start Me Up” song by Rolling Stone along with the start button image.

The Launch day of Windows 95 was called LAUNCH 95” by Microsoft and it was like going to the fair festival. Check out the footage below.

On that day people did line-up at CompUSA or Best Buy & it was not for any game or any new type of hardware like Apple iPod that fans were waiting for. It was an operating system for a PC. It was just a software, “Windows 95”.

It was the Windows 95 in which “Start” button was introduced. And of course, it has much more features than just a start menu like

  • Start Button-Menu, Taskbar,
  • 32-bit Operating System,
  • Multitasking & graphical interface improvement,
  • 250 characters long filename support, which made it easier to rename the docs and files
  • It was able to detect Hardware automatically and install it on PC i.e. “Plug and Play”
  • The Microsoft Network – MSN application was also bundled with it
The Microsoft Network Windows 95

(At that time MSN was providing access to email, chats, newsgroup and WWW pages through the dial-up connection, and for the use of MSN Microsoft was charging monthly fees and to use it more than 3 hours a month, charges were extra.)

  • At that time with Windows 95, Microsoft did introduce the idea of syncing the data between multiple computers.
  • Another important feature, multiple user profiles to log in and having each user’s separate links and applications on screen was also surfaced in Windows 95.
  • Internet Jumpstart Kit- an earlier version of Internet Explorer was also part of Windows 95.

Man, o man it was a very joyful event for Microsoft and its fans called “Micro-softies”. A lunch of windows 95 was a big success for Microsoft as 7 million copies were sold during the first five weeks.

Check some of the photos and videos of the launch event and remember the old memories of the same. It feels like nostalgia and “Cntl+s” it in your memories.

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