About Tech Quicker

Tech Quicker (TQ) is an Indian Technology News Website Organization founded on May 20, 2020. TQ’s Head Quarter is based in Ahmedabad, India.

Our Tag Line is “Daily Dose of Tech”. And which means we are mainly focused on providing news and contemporary updates on Technology and Science to our audience on a daily basis. Also giving them knowledge and guidance on technology to move forward smoothly in their lives.

What defines Tech Quicker Organization?

Tech Quicker is and always will be a knowledge seeking and sharing organization of technology enthusiast buddies, who are very motivated to make the reach of Tech and its use to everyone in this world.

Our Motive:

Information is the driving force of the 21st Century and if it is at your fingertips you are ahead in the game. This is what motivates us at Tech Quicker to provide you as much as quality information about Technology at your fingertip reach of your screen and within a single site.

Our Inspiration:

The world is changing continuously, maybe its Environment, Nature and also its pace of change. And Since the last few decades Technolgy is the main guiding force in these changes, though it may be good or worst. But in foreseeable future it also will be at the top in the list of things which will be changing our workforce and our surrounding environment.

So, we decided to ask the question ourselves that how can we be a drop in the ocean of Technology & its impact changing the world? And this is where we got the answer to the question of our Inspiration to start this organization and Website. And that is how Tech Quicker born as an idea and took the shape of this organization.

Where we want to go?

We do not have only one ultimate goal that we would like to be at some place, but we think that if we have had helped anyone of you in this an un-constant world then it would be the right direction where our organization is going.

Things always do not happen the way we want, but things do happen. So, we believe in the same and we will be doing the things to provide you what is with us or rather share it with you. And the result might be in the way we wanted to be and if not we would not regrate it.

So, Tech Quicker is a Humble start-up like a lantern against the Sun of current Tech News World, but we at TQ want to be one of the first rays of that Sun.

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