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XBOX SERIES S Console Image

Xbox Series S, the smallest XBOX ever, Leaks Confirmed by Microsoft

The promotional video for XBOX Series S leaked earlier today on Twitter account of WalkingCat, showcasing details about the console. The Leaked video provided details...
Windows 95 Image

Windows 95 legacy completed 25 years today!

25 years before today on August 24th, 1995 Microsoft had a highly anticipated launch of Windows 95 event hosted by Microsoft co-founder Bill gates...
Microsoft Family Safety App

Microsoft rolled out Family Safety App on Android and iOS today

Back in March, Microsoft announced Family Safety App tool on iOS and Android and made available for Preview in May of this year. Today...
Microsoft XOBX One S Digital Edition

Microsoft has discontinued XBOX One Digital editions before Launching of Next-Gen XBOX Series X

Microsoft is on the verge of releasing its new line up of Next-Gen consoles at the end of this year. And before that company...
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