XBOX One S Digital

Microsoft is on the verge of releasing its new line up of Next-Gen consoles at the end of this year. And before that company has decided to stop manufacturing its Current XBOX One DIGITAL editions, as stated by reports.

It was the last year when Microsoft did launch XBOX One S All-Digital edition which is also known as disc-less version. It was a part of the $19.99 monthly XBOX All-access subscription including Xbox game pass ultimate access.

The reports have been found that in recent weeks there were shortages of Xbox One S and Xbox One X in many stores of US and UK. However, in some offline retailer stores in UK there are some units of consoles are available in stock.

But in India the case is different. Both are available on online stores like Amazon & Flipkart as well as offline retailers. It looks like Microsoft is planning to continue the sale of both the consoles, as they would be the cheaper price versions compared to newly coming XBOX Series X.

Xbox Series X
XBOX Series X (Source: Microsoft)

Microsoft has plan to continue its XBOX All-access subscription with the Xbox Series X also

This offer will help gamers to upgrade the subscription to the new console. It was also heard that company will also launch XBOX Series X’s cheaper version codenamed as “Lockhart”. Maybe this would be the reason to discontinue the Current-Gen Digital editions. Since last version company’s Console pricing policy is very aggressive in the competition of PlayStation and for next Gen also the company might want to continue this strategy.

Microsoft has shown all the cards of XBOX Series X, its design, specs and many games for launch with it. In the latest trailer of Xbox Series X Company showed off its Velocity Architecture.

And it is also rumored that Microsoft is preparing to launch Second XBOX in this NexGen series may be called Xbox Series S and its target resolution will be 1080/1440p. And also this might be the disc-less version or All Digital version.

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