Home Entertainment Finally, TENET is releasing in Indian Cinemas – December 2020!

Finally, TENET is releasing in Indian Cinemas – December 2020!

TENET will see the Dark Cinema Rooms of Indian Theaters


The wait for the Indian audience is now over. The Indian movie lovers of Christopher Nolan movies are eagerly waiting for the TENET movie to be released in India. And it is here, the 4th of December. It is officially announced by Dimple Kapadia on the YouTube Channel of Warner Bros. India. Check it…!

The attraction is from both sides. One is more curious than other.

The ongoing Pendamic of COVID-19 has drastically scattered the movie release planning of the most awaited film of 2020.

Already, Tenet was delayed three times previously by Warner Bros.

With an investment of $200 million in a movie and additional pressure from Christopher Nolan, it is obvious that it is going to come in theaters of India. With the big Indian Market in mind and an already lost opportunity due to COVID-19, Producers are not willing to lose a lucky chance of Cinema reopen in India.

In the US market also it was not been utilized the potential reach to the audiences. And the scattered release of this movie has decreased the interest in the Film lovers. In addition to that the reviews for this film was mixed from the audiences.

Currently, IMDb Score for TENET is 7.8 from more than 100k users. This is a fairly good score. And people are always been excited to watch Chris’s movies for his concepts. Additionally, the Indian audience has not seen any Movies in the theaters from the First Lockdown in March 2020. So, they will be more excited to watch this film after the reopening of Indian theaters recently.

But, due to the recent rise in the Corona Case in India and the Limited opening of theaters in India, and different cases from state to state, it will be worth watching that how much success The TENET will get in the Indian Market?

The performance will not be as intended by Chris for this project “TENET”. But it will be one of the great in 2020. And additionally, the background score is very intriguing.

Let’s set the date in your calendar and don’t forget to book the tickets if you are a true Christopher Nolan fan.

Before you get the tickets for TENET, check out the Trailer to remind you that “This is the NOLAN movie…” and don’t forget to enjoy the music. Check it…

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