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World’s First Commercial Wireless Electricity Transmission is going to be implemented in New Zealand

Emrod Energy
(Crude render of a temporary power transmission truck Emrod)

In the 1890s, Nikola Tesla, an Electrical Genius, showed to the world about transmitting Electricity wirelessly, without using copper wire. His dream was to transmit wireless electricity around the world by deploying enormous towers all across the globe. But investor J.P. Morgan ruled out this idea by raising just a query, “where the meter can be placed?”

But now, about a century later, as reported by New Altas, a New Zealand Start-up Emrod is executing this concept into the reality by convincing the major power distributor that the commercial distribution of Wireless electricity is possible.

This system involves the passing of organized microwave beams through relays like the repeaters. This is like the same as the Powerful Satellite internet connections are working currently and the system relays (Emord’s Links – as shown in the photo above) need only a clear line of sight and works in any type of atmosphere like fog, rain, and dusty weather.

As this technology doesn’t use traditional copper wiring, the possibility of bringing power to difficult remote places, like mountains where it couldn’t be possible to build a specific level of infrastructure, will increase. But there is one problem here because at places like this grid may end up using diesel generators and this will increase pollution and noise at the same time.

So, How this wireless electricity Technology works?

As Emrod explains, this wireless power transmission technology transmits energy from transmitting antenna through electromagnetic waves over long distances with the help of relays and forwards to Rectenna.

After receiving electromagnetic waves, “rectenna” turns them into electricity and forwards it through the copper wires connected to it. The rectenna would be set up near places like home, office, or industry where the electricity has to transmit through copper wires.

Emrod tells further that,


Is wireless electricity transmission technology safe?

“In an interview with New Atlas, Greg Kushnir says that technology is using relatively long waves, it’s in the Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) band, and a good research body available about the effects of these beams on human tissue.

And another thing is that it has more about power density. It is based on how much power it delivers per square meter. Currently, it is about 1kW per square meter. Even if at a later stage if it will be increased, the levels of power density will be low and it is the advantage in terms of safety and health.”



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