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Xbox Series S, the smallest XBOX ever, Leaks Confirmed by Microsoft

1440p up to 120FPS next-gen gaming @ just $299

XBOX SERIES S Console Image

The promotional video for XBOX Series S leaked earlier today on Twitter account of WalkingCat, showcasing details about the console.

The Leaked video provided details about XBOX Series S Features:

✅ All Digital Console-No Disc

✅ Gaming Playback @ 1440P up to 120FPS

✅ DirectX Ray Tracing

✅ Variable Rate Shading

✅ Variable Refresh Rate

✅ Ultra-Low Latency while gaming

✅ 4K Streaming Media Playback

✅ 512GB NVME SSD Loading Speed

✅ 4K Upscaling for Gameplay for Compatible Titles

The leaked video also revealed that it is the smallest XBOX console ever, which means it is the smaller than the previous generation’s XBOX ONE S All-Digital Edition. But it will be the same. XBOX Series S is also a disc-free Next-gen gaming console with higher power and better features.

This console will compete against SONY’s PlayStation 5 Digital Edition.

These moves are showing the eagerness of both Gaming Giants to target the larger audience with the offering of lower-priced gaming hardware.

Considering the storage, a 512GB could be a problem for the users given the fact that more and more modern Games are getting beefier in size and many games are crossing the 100GB mark. So, Gamers will be needed another external Storage disc or Microsoft may have added a removable storage port just like XBOX Series X. And with the absence of Disc Drive this feature is a must, so hope for the best.

Microsoft on Twitter only confirmed XBOX Series S’ existence and its pricing @ $299 (in UK £249.99) in its Tweet, describing it as “Next-gen performance in the ˢᵐᵃˡˡᵉˢᵗ Xbox ever”.

The Launch of XBOX Series S will be held on November 10 along with its Big Brother “XBOX Series X”, as reported by Windows Central and also revealed in the confirmation trailer launched by the Company later Today.

With this launch, Microsoft likely to push further Xbox All Access financing far more broadly than the current outgoing gen. And also expecting the rollout of Xbox All Access expansion in more markets than it did previously.

Check out this trailer and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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