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Play Surf game in Microsoft Edge browser to beat Google Chrome’s dinosaur game!

How to play Microsoft's Edge Surf Game?

Microsoft Edge Surf Game
Surf Game

Remember Google Chrome’s no internet screen? Which brought us to the Black & White 8bits dinosaur running game!

Guess What?

Well, Microsoft has introduced “Surf” game in Edge browser to give a hard competition to Chrome’s Dino game

Its concept is same as Google Chrome, when the Internet is giving you a hard time, play the game.

In Microsoft’s Words,

“ When you can’t surf the web, you can surf the waves in the latest Microsoft Edge.”

Microsoft created a fun Easter egg for its Edge browser to reveal the new logo last year, and now it is here for everyone to play. This is Microsoft’s Easter egg gift to everyone who uses the Edge browser. While before it was used as part of an elaborate Easter egg hunt, where Microsoft employees posted cryptic clues to a series of puzzles and images, now it is an official offline game inside Microsoft Edge.

They brought back the nostalgia of their old game SkiFree, from Microsoft Windows!! Which was a single-player skiing computer game created by Chris Pirih and released with Microsoft Entertainment Pack 3 for Windows and DOS in October 1991. At that time everyone loved SkiFree. You can see below how much fun that was!

Microsoft is getting more and more competitive with Google to beat its Chrome Browser.

They brought Edge browser on Chromium platform first and now this game. One can also think that Microsoft is getting ready to bring back the OLDInternet Explorer” days back and making us forget about the Google Chrome Browser.

You can play Edge Surf Game by typing “edge://surf/” in the address bar of Microsoft Edge Browser:

  • There are three modes available:
  • An original Let’s surf mode,
  • A Time trial and
  • A Zig-zag mode in which you surf between gates.

1. An original Let’s surf mode is an endless surfer mode where you have to avoid obstacles and a Kraken chasing after you.

2. Time trial is self-explanatory but in which max score can be 59:59:00s also coins have been added to collect so you can subtract the time and find speedy routes.

3. And in the most challenging zig-zag mode you’ll need to hit every single gate, otherwise, streaks are immediately get reset.

So, Just go to your latest version of Edge browser and play any way you like with —keyboard, mouse, touch screen, controller, or Microsoft Xbox adaptive controller—just have fun!

One last thing is that it is only available on the PC Edge browser currently, so you can’t play this game in your MOBILE Microsoft Edge browser App.

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